Team Facilitation & Corporate Coaching

Team Facilitation

For organisations, we offer corporate coaching services and solutions in the UAE, to assist with the professional and personal development of individuals and teams. These solutions include team facilitation on topics such as leadership, coaching skills, communication, teamwork and culture. 

Case Study - European Tourism Body

Working closely with the CEO of a large European tourism body, we designed a professional development programme for APMEA regional employees. The objectives of the programme were to raise confidence levels to help team members be more empowered and to increase collaboration across the region.

We selected the strengths-based psychometric tool, Strengthscope®, to underpin the programme. Strengthscope® provides a precise and unique assessment of 24 work-based strengths, giving each employee a picture of themselves at their best. This helps each team member decide which strengths they would like to contribute more of to the team.

  • We started off with a 1:1 coaching session for each team member looking at their Strengthscope® profile to understand how to bring their best to work every day, building a sense of ownership and empowerment.
  • This was followed by a whole team workshop, which we facilitated in India, bringing together team members from across Australia, the Middle East and India. We focused on restating the team’s purpose and goals, introducing team members’ strengths and risks and creating a team charter for collaboration moving forward.
We supported the team in producing their own commitment to “Integrating for Solutions” whereby, when faced with a challenge, before starting to solve it or plan for it, they would consciously reach out to fellow APMEA team members who have strengths and/or experience that can help. The challenge then became an opportunity for growth and shared learning. The team reported many successes over the coming months through this new collaborative approach including faster project delivery times, more creative, innovative and impactful marketing campaigns and increased empathy and appreciation for their fellow team members.

We continue to support the team using Strengthscope®, by including a 1:1 coaching and feedback session as part of the onboarding process for new team members.

Corporate Coaching

We further support organisations  through 1:1 executive coaching, psychometric profiling, team coaching sessions and talent assessment initiatives. We have successfully designed and delivered coaching programs in diverse businesses to develop their leaders and shift organizations towards a coaching culture.

Case Study - International University

We were approached by the Abu Dhabi campus of a prestigious international university who were looking for 1:1 executive coaching for a group of UAE nationals and expatriates. They were looking for career, personal and leadership development.

Over the course of 8 months, we delivered 12 coaching sessions to 12 employees. We tracked their progress over the course of the coaching engagements and we were delighted to see and hear the successes of these clients.

Here are some of the clients’ successes in their own words:

  • My visibility and presence within the organization has dramatically increased.

  • I’ve become more strategic and less hands-on.

  • I’m achieving better results for the organization by holding more open and effective conversations with my stakeholders to understand what they really want.

  • I’ve gained clarity about what is important to me and my role, allowing me to focus more and spend time on the most critical issues that will make the biggest positive impact.

  • My confidence has increased to manage my team more effectively and I’ve gained increased resilience to tackle issues that I would normally put off.

  • My critical thinking and decision-making skills have improved by viewing challenges from different perspectives.

We continue to support the university with on-going ad-hoc leadership coaching engagements, helping to drive a coaching culture and develop leadership capabilities.

Coach Training

Case Study - Health Insurance Provider

We partnered with another talent development organization to co-design and deliver a modular “Coach for Performance” programme for a leading Middle East health insurance provider.

The key objective was to help build a coaching culture with the organization.

This was achieved thought transferring coaching knowledge and developing key coaching skills for directors, managers and supervisors around their performance management cycle and for ongoing performance and feedback conversations.

  • The programme incorporated pre and post module assignments and we faciltiated 4 one-day workshops. These incorporated theories on growth mindset, high-performance cultures, emotional intelligence as well as practical applications of coaching tools such as the TGROW model for coaching conversations and listening and questioning skills.
  • Plenty of practice, using real coaching topics, was incorporated into the programme so that participants could quickly and easily transfer their new learning back into the workplace.

Participants demonstrated considerable improvement in their feedback, listening and questioning skills. The feedback from the participants was really encouraging; they reported increased confidence in handling difficult conversations with their team members, considerable gains in employee motivation and engagement and improved achievement of sales targets.

We have successfully delivered the Coach for Performance programme for the last 2 years and are working with the client to deliver this for the next cohort of participants.



“It is rare to find a coach who is able to blend high-quality coaching, administrative excellence and great wisdom and empathy. I engaged Helen to coach staff at many levels from the C-suite to individual contributors, and she received nothing but high praise from all she coached. In my assessment, she is as good a coach as may be found.”

Cecil Murray, Learning & Organisational Development Director