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Helen Loveday
Whether you’re engaging with us as an individual client or as part of an organisation, the following information may be useful to help you understand a little more about the coaching process.

Our coaching clients engage us for a number of different reasons. Some examples include; a promotion or a change in role that requires a different way of thinking and being, sometimes they’ve received feedback on a particular development area where they really want to make progress, or perhaps they have a feeling of “stuckness” in their current role. At other times, we provide coaching as part of a wider leadership development programme. We’ve assisted previous clients with topics as diverse as executive presence, interpersonal relationships, self-doubt, career transitions and developing teams.

In all these instances, coaching is provided as a means of strengthening and focusing talent, or in other words, taking individuals from good to great.

Our coaching programmes are always tailored to your unique requirements, but will normally include 1:1 coaching sessions, formal or informal assessments (such as a psychometric assessment or a 360 degree feedback process), a mid-way review and a review at the end of the engagement. We always recommend a complimentary chemistry session before the engagement to ensure the correct “fit” between one of our coaches and the potential client.

To develop your own talent, or that of your employees, contact us to see how we can help. We take a truly collaborative approach with our clients and with our many years of experience across diverse industries, we’re confident that we will provide you with unbiased advice on the best solution for you.


Executive Coaching

At the People Development Specialists, we provide bespoke individual executive coaching in-person and online across the world.

For individual leaders, we draw on a range of psychological models from the fields of emotional intelligence, neuroscience and psychodynamics to assist leaders to better understand their own performance enablers and blockers and those of the people they lead. We sometimes uses psychometric tools and 360 degree feedback assessments within our coaching engagements. We are accredited in a number of different tools, including the Hogan Leadership Series, Strengthscope, Savills Assessment, the Emotional Intelligence Profile, and the MBTI.

However, we take a very tailored approach with our clients, recognising the uniqueness of their personalities and experience and the industries and organisational cultures within which they operate, and we adapt our coaching methodology accordingly.

We have a strong focus on building trust and rapport throughout our coaching engagements to create a safe space for clients to explore, learn and develop.

We can provide coaching face to face, or via video calls, if you prefer, at a time to suit you.

If you would like to have an initial chat to see whether our individual executive coaching would be right for you and your goals, please do get in touch via our Contact Form.

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